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Truck drivers are 5th on the list of highest risk for work-related suicide. The stress, loneliness, and added pressures of the profession are among some of the contributing factors to this heightened risk. The following pages are dedicated to providing understanding and available resources for the topic.


Addiction is a disease and takes over a person's brain, destroying the person you once knew. Help is available, whatever your situation may be. Anonymous support groups and licensed professionals are there to help you through this.

Mental Health

Being a professional driver increases the    risk for mental health struggles such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It is vital to acknowledge and understand the prevalence of these mental health concerns in order to provide drivers with a strong support system in addition to physical resources to help them.

Getting Home

Crisis do not wait for your convenience - they strike whenever they want. For long-haul drivers, it is especially important to have readily available and easy to access resources in order to get them home, regardless of the circumstance.

Online Medical

Life on the road is stressful enough without having to worry about medication refills or scheduling doctor's appointments. Telehealth services are widely available for your on-the-road needs and accommodations.

More Issues

Crises come in many different shapes and sizes, affecting all areas of our lives. No matter what you may be experiencing, there is support for getting your life on a better track.

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