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Maintaining strong and healthy relationships as a truck driver can be challenging due to the long periods of time drivers spend away from home.

Finding The Right Partner

Take Care of Home

Trucker Spouse Unhappy With Relationship

Evaluate Your Family Situation

Larry’s Advice on How to Keep a Relationship as a Trucker

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Miss You

Happy Anniversary

Let your loved one know you’re thinking of them with a free, easy-to-use image from our Lifestyle Gallery! Our variety of categories provides the perfect image for any occasion!

Free Apps for Long-Distance Couples

Use video messages to converse with each other through a private conversation stream where you can replay past videos whenever you want.


Learn your partner’s love languages, exchange encouraging and playful nudges, set and track activity goals, and monitor the levels of each other’s love tanks for better communication and intimacy.


See your loved ones on live pics locket widgets all day through simultaneous & synchronous exchanges of images to each other’s lock screens; send and feel every acting like hugs, kisses, touches, cuddles, and so much more.

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