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Doctors Visits

Hey Truckers!

Get Your Prescriptions Online While On The Road

Submit your symptoms in minutes while loading up, fueling up or weighing-in and pick up your prescriptions anywhere you drop off!

Prescriptions to any US pharmacy within 1-2 hours!

Why CallonDoc?

Callon Doc is a web-base healthcare Platform created by licensed primary care practitioners currently practicing medicine in the U.S. Take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about our unique approach to patient care.

Always On The Road?


Get Your Prescription In Route

Online Doctor's Visit

Medical care from

the comfort of home!

✓ Available 7 days a week

✓ No appointments, start visits instantly

Secure gateway to ensure banking  and medical privacy


“It’s difficult for drivers to maintain prescriptions and doctor’s visits,” said National Accounts Manager, Kelly Drier. “We want to help make the driver’s time on the road as comfortable as possible and it’s convenient to use the service in the app.”

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